Ideas, suggestions, and feedback!

This just blew my mind! I love this tool even more.

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I second this, it would make a big difference to my workflow.

Having one master “mind-map”, but having a document embed different sections would be super helpful.

Suggestion: It would be nice to have a way to create a component (like a group of elements that repeats in boards and wireframes) that you can edit and change and all of the instances reflect such changes.

that would make me love more the app.

Keep up the good work!

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Hi! I have a suggestion for an AI feature:

Suggestion: Let Flowchart AI interact with existing Flowcharts (or other components). Elements could be selected, and then edited, rearranged into a different chart, or completed according to an input prompt by generative AI. This input could be done through the same window, currently used to generate new flowcharts/mindmaps.

I think this could hugely increase the use and benefits generative AI has for your application.

Thanks a lot!

Hi! I have a suggestion about the spellchecking functionality.

I have clients from many countries, so I use different languages on my boards.
I think the spellchecking settings (at least the language) should be applied on a board/doc basis.


Suggestion: Bulk unlocking

Sometimes I need to lock a bunch of elements / frames, and unlock them later. However, because you’re unable to select all the locked elements and unlock them in one go, I have to click on and unlock one frame at a time, which is quite slow.


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Suggestion: Allow for automated sharing of diagrams or workspaces. Currently, we manually invite individuals via email, and this can be done in bulk. However, being able to call an API to bulk/single invite people would be more convenient.

I have so many suggestions. Should I really just drop them in this thread? I will put a first suggestion here:

Make it natural to use a board as a navigation and organization tool. It’s very close to being that already. For example, I often drag documents onto a board and that behavior is great (the page becomes a clickable card, a portal into the doc). But I would also want to create new docs while I am working on the board. Adding a “blank doc” object to the toolbar would do the trick.

Suggestion: enable sorting cards in a stack alphabetically

the table feature is difficult to use.
I could not find the way to adjust width and height of individual column and adding column/row UI is very confusing.

looking forward to it being fixed. overall still love your product. Thanks

Layers! This would really streamline our workflows and how we build our diagrams. A simple but really affective tool.

It’s surprising that I can’t make a new folder during a “move”:

As a user who likes to use keyboard shortcuts I’d find it awesome if the keys would always be visible in the toolbar. That way it’s easier for me to memorize the keys. Or at least it would be awesome if showing the keys would be configurable in the settings.

This is a rough sketch of how it could look like:

The keys would be visible in each toolbar “section”. For example pressing S shows the “rectangle section”. See the screenshot in my next post to understand what I mean (as a new user of the community I’m not allowed to attach more than one image to a post).

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I have two feature requests:

  1. A setting to automatically go to adding a caption when an image is pasted into a doc

  2. A drop-down/toggle list option for doc text

I have a feature request for steppers

For example, something like this Steppers - Components - Material Design

I’ve been using stepper component manually for a while, and I feel this feature should be inside Whimsical as a component (with the option to add stepper counts/select active step).

Both Horizontal and Vertical Stepper are welcome additions.