Lorem ipsum. It regenerates!

Did you know that you can mix up your wireframes with some fresh Ipsum Lorem? If you prefer blocks, they regenerate too!

2022-10-28 16.48.02

PS. 10 points and some Whimsical swag to whoever can identify the ancient text this comes from.

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That’s awesome! I’ll take Cicero’s On the ends of good and evil for 10 points and some whimsical swag. This may be the first time ever that being a classics major in college has come in handy while trying to build flowcharts.

Ooh that’s a close one @jjers but not quite! Feel free to guess again, or perhaps there’s another classics major waiting in the wings to take the swag. :eyes:

Keep an eye on your inbox, there’s a runner-up prize coming your way. :wink: